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Ideal Alpaca Community Objective Measurement Study

Please complete form and submit sample size indicated. All alpacas in this study must be ARI registered. Inadequate samples with incomplete information cannot be used in the Ideal Alpaca Community study.

Pricing: $9.50 Each, No Volume Discount

City, State, Zip:
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The amount of sample required for all tests must be taken from an area 4" x 6" and must be placed in a moisture proof sealed freezer bag (recommended are Ziploc brand bags in the gallon size 10-9/16" x 11"), retained in the staple configuration (as it grows naturally from the skin outward on the animal), and then shipped to Yocom-McColl Testing Labs, 540 West Elk Place, Denver, CO 80216-1823.

Alpaca's Name:
ARI Registration #:     Alpaca's Wt: lbs.
Sex:    Date of Birth:     or Yrs: Mos:
Type:    Color:    Fleece Wt: lbs.
Sampling Date:    and Date Last Shorn :

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This form is only for the IAC Study. For your annual individual alpaca testing, unrelated to this study, please use our standard Sampling Form

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